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The Archery Wire actively solicits press releases relating to all aspects of archery and bowhunting; including bows and accessories, apparel and gear, competition and events, hunting regulations and wildlife, as well as news regarding the business of bow-and-arrow manufacturing, marketing and retailing. Editorial discretion will prevail as the final evaluation of any item submitted for publication.

With each submission, please include the targeted release date, contact information, telephone number, e-mail address, website and social media. Embargoed material should clearly be identified and dated.

Preferred format: Submit each individual release in plain text or Microsoft (MS) Word format to Please, do not submit PDF files or other formats with imbedded text. Separately submitted jpeg format or other photo and graphic files are preferred. Generally, releases received by 5 p.m. MST will be published in the next day's production of The Archery Wire. The receipt of submissions will not be acknowledged unless there is a problem or a specific request to do so.

When submitting press releases and announcements for publication in The Archery Wire, please consider it is for digital publication and not print. Therefore, it is vital to include full URLs and complete, unabbreviated web addresses in order to accurately direct readers to the intended website and online material.

Distribution of material on The Archery Wire requires Corporate Membership. The Archery Wire offers special package rates that permit a company, business or organization to run releases in full, with images and links, for a low annual price. Submissions from not-for-profits and game agencies will receive consideration for placement at no charge, but utilizing the same requirements as corporate members.

Any specific questions regarding items for placement in The Archery Wire should be directed to Michelle Scheuermann at: