Tuesday, November 23, 2021

BOWdometer stocks up for the Black Friday rush

Waterloo, Ontario – A new bow isn’t in the budget for everyone at Christmas, but a BOWdometer will be! Despite supply chain challenges in the electronics industry, the BOWdometer team has been hard at work to ensure that distribution partners, retailers and archers have access to BOWdometers and accessories in time for the holiday season.

BOWdometer is the world’s first archery practice companion, used by archers around the world to track their practice, maintain their gear and connect with friends. This year, BOWdometer has launched a brand new app experience, launched an integration with the Artemis high-performance training app and built their Ambassador team to include over 85 archers worldwide, including World Champion Sara Lopez and Tokyo Olympic Medalist Steve Wijler.

BOWdometers will be sold at a massive discount on the BOWdometer online shop during their Black Friday event November 26-29. There will be a limited quantity available for the unbelievably low price of $99 USD each for online shoppers, making it the lowest price of the year and the perfect gift for any archer. Accessories, such as extra mounts, custom vinyl wraps and stickers, will also be discounted.

“This year has been huge for the BOWdometer brand, and we want to celebrate by helping archers all over the world access the product,” says Marianne Bell from Toxon Technologies, the company that created BOWdometer. “We’re helping archers build consistency, evaluate form changes and make informed decisions about their equipment purchases and bow setups. Even more importantly, we’re using tech in a fun and interesting way to help archers stay motivated, connect with friends and ultimately elevate the sport of archery.”

BOWdometer works on any type of bow, making it an easy holiday gift for archers. The BOWdometer online shop (https://shop.bowdometer.com) offers free shipping in North America and is guaranteed to arrive before Christmas for any orders placed during the Black Friday sale.

Any retail shops who want to offer BOWdometer Black Friday deals to their customer base can reach out to their distributor or to Marianne from the BOWdometer team to participate.


For inquiries, please contact:

Marianne Bell, Toxon Technologies marianne@toxontech.com

About Toxon Technologies

Toxon Technologies was founded in 2018 to elevate the archery experience through tech. They launched BOWdometer, the first archery practice companion, in 2020. Since launch, archers in over 50 countries worldwide are using BOWdometer to track their practice, maintain their gear and connect with friends. Archers of any age or skill level can use BOWdometer to improve their skills, including pros like Sara Lopez, Steve Wijler and Crispin Duenas.