Tuesday, June 8, 2021

SEVR 2.0 Summer Sale Going On Now

Archers can take advantage of some of the best pricing of the year the SEVR SUMMER SALE is going now for a limited time.

Fans of the big cutting SEVR™ Titanium 2.1 will want to take a close look at the blade redesign added last year. Reintroduced as the Ti 2.0, SEVR’s most popular head now has a more swept-back blade angle and re-engineered deployment arm geometry. The new deployment arm geometry exposes more of the blades’ leading edge for added cutting surface. The two enhancements result in up to 15% more penetration than the original Ti 2.1.

The SEVR 2.0 comes in three configurations: 100 and 125 grain (for standard 8-32 threads) and 100 grain (for Deep Six threads).All 2.1 ferrules can be retrofitted with the new 2.0 replacement blades.

SEVR broadheads are sold exclusively at sevrbroadheads.com.