Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Hunt the Wind with BaseMap’s Newest Feature

HuntWind™ Provides Hyper Accurate Real-Time Wind Data for your Hunts

Bothell, WA - At BaseMap, we understand that knowing wind direction is vital for a successful hunt. That's why we're excited to launch our latest feature, HuntWind™, just in time for fall hunting seasons. HuntWind™ provides hunters with hyper accurate data and information to help them make game-time decisions on exactly where to hunt.

"We always strive to build features that help our users hunt smarter and be more successful in their pursuits. HuntWind ™ was the brainchild of the BaseMap Whitetail Advisory Board that included Nick Mundt & T-Bone Turner from The Bone Collector, Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo of Archer’s Choice, Brad Rucks of Deer & Deer Hunting, Laden Force of North American Whitetail and more”, says Jeff Balch, CEO of BaseMap. “HuntWind™ is definitely a game changer and will be an invaluable tool with our users.”

With HuntWind™, a BaseMap users places a marker for a tree stand or ground blind and they will be able to select the ideal wind direction for that location. Once the markers are in place, the app will display the hourly and 7-day wind details, including wind direction, speed, and gust speed. This hyper-accurate data will allow hunters to play the wind and change their plans at a moment's notice.

With 7-day details, users will be able to determine the best days and times to hunt each location and when to stay out. Additionally, HuntWind™ provides a simulated representation of the wind direction and scent drift so users can see where and how far their scent will likely travel.

The HuntWind™ feature will be available to all BaseMap PRO subscribers and will have limited use for Basic subscribers.

BaseMap is available on iOS, Android, or at www.basemap.com.

About BaseMap
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