Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Swhacker Broadheads Now Exclusively Manufactured in the U.S.

Swhacker launches reusable case packaging in 2022

Atlanta, GA  Swhacker Broadheads, makers of the only slice-twice broadhead technology, is proud to announce that starting this year, its entire line of broadheads will be exclusively manufactured in the United States, joining other Kelly Outdoor Products Group brands bearing this designation.

“We’re proud to offer quality, American-made products to support the serious archer. We’re laser-focused on accuracy and consistency, and we stand behind our products with a guarantee on which you can depend,” said Keith Kelly, CEO, Kelly Outdoor Products Group.

The transition has begun. Orders fulfilled in 2022 will begin to include American-made Swhacker products.

“This move gives us greater control over supply chain management and inventory. It also gives us greater flexibility and speed to bring new product designs to market,” said Kelly.

All U.S. production aligns Swhacker, with other Kelly Outdoor Products Group brands currently manufactured in the U.S., C’Mere Deer attractants, TAC Vanes, and Steel Force broadheads.

Reusable case packaging

Also new for 2022, Swhacker expandable broadheads feature new reusable case packaging. Swhacker’s new reusable case pack is the ultimate in accessibility, featuring a strong snap closure, designed to carry expandable broadheads and accessories with room for an extra head. Packaging keeps broadheads sharp and easily accessible.

For more information about Swhacker broadheads, visit swhacker.com.

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About Swhacker Broadheads
A division of Kelly Outdoor Products Group

Swhacker is a leading provider of mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads. Designed by Hank Parker, Swhacker’s founder, in conjunction with a former aerospace engineer, Swhacker’s legacy is ultimate quality and precision technology. From the best-selling #207 to the Levi Morgan Signature Series, Swhacker broadheads offer superior blade technology designed by the World’s best. For more information, visit swhacker.com.