Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Fin-Finder’s New F-31 Compound Bowfishing Bow is Now Available

Fin-Finder is excited to announce the launch of their brand-new F-31 compound bowfishing bow. Fin-Finder is continuing on their foundation of supplying the bowfishing community with all the gear they need to get wreckin’.

The F-31 replaces their beloved Fin-Finder Poseidon bowfishing bow with some exciting new features, functions, and upgrades.

The F-31 fuels bowfishing trips on a 31" axle-to-axle platform, 8" brace height, and is powered by 25-40lb. adjustable limbs.

Deep-well cam grooves keep the string from derailing when shooting at odd angles and quick draw scenarios. The bow’s anti-slip grip is perfect for wet environments and stays steadfast in the hand under any condition.

With a 31” draw and zero left-off cams, the F-31 accommodates archers of all sizes providing a clean release even when snap shooting. This bow was made specifically for bowfishing and will be making quite a splash this season!

Fin-Finder F-31 Features:

- High-quality Gordon Glass limbs

- Corrosion-resistant Stainless-Steel hardware

- Anti-slip grip

- 31″ draw length with zero let-off cams

- 25–40 lb. adjustable limbs (max 7 turns)

- Deep-well cam grooves keep the string from derailing

- Finger savers included

- Bow weighs 4 lbs.

The F-31 will also be available in a variety of packages which includes the Winch Pro Reel package, the Refractor BLS and Winch Pro Reel package, as well as the most economically priced SideWinder Reel package.

The bare bow retails for $259.99 and the bow packages range from $319.99 to $529.99.

The bow is now in-stock and available for purchase on Fin-Finder’s website and through participating outdoor retailers.

For more information on the F-31 and the various bow packages – visit the Fin-Finder website at https://www.fin-finder.com/product-category/bowfishing-bows/compound-bows

Dealers can help drive traffic and sales to their business during the spring and summer months by adding bowfishing gear and accessories to their shop’s assortment. Bowfishing is a great way for archers and bowhunters to practice during the archery off-season while also helping with conservation efforts by taking care of non-native and invasive fish species. Fin-Finder products are proudly distributed by Kinsey’s Inc. at Kinseysinc.com/#new-accounts.

About Fin-Finder:

Fin-Finder provides bowfishing enthusiasts with no frills, no B.S. bowfishing products that get the job done. Get wreckin’! For more information on Fin-Finder’s full lineup of bowfishing bows, bowfishing reels, bowfishing arrows, bowfishing points, and bowfishing accessories - visit their website at https://www.fin-finder.com/.

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