Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Moultrie External Power Options Extend Cell Cam Battery Life

Moultrie Mobile cellular game cameras have changed the scouting game forever, and now two new external-power-source options will keep them running even longer in the field.

Moultrie Dual Solar Battery Box

The Moultrie Dual Solar Battery Box is an external-battery-solution dream for Moultrie Mobile cellular cameras and regular trail cameras. Designed to keep cameras running in the field longer than ever thought possible, the Dual solar charging panels charge the included 12-volt battery faster and more efficiently, even in cloudy or shaded conditions. A sealed weather-resistant hard-sided case protects the 12-volt battery inside. The Dual Battery Box includes a mounting strap to tightly secure the battery box to a tree, post, tripod, or placed directly on the ground. The weather-resistant steel-braided 6-foot power cord is protected from critters and the elements. The Battery Box also includes a 12-volt charger for quick charging from a wall outlet, and is compatible with Moultrie Mobile cameras and traditional Moultrie cameras dating back to 2007. MSRP: $69.99

Moultrie Camera Power Panel

Extend the battery life of your Moultrie Mobile and regular Moultrie trail cameras with the Camera Power Panel. The Camera Power Panel harnesses the sun’s energy with its solar panel, while an integrated 12-volt battery stores the energy for use by your Moultrie camera. The Power Panel can extend your camera’s battery life for more than 2 years! The weather-resistant housing protects the panel from the elements for a long life afield. The kit comes with a 10-foot cord allowing the Power Panel to be mounted in the spot that receives the most sunlight. The Power Panel can be attached to a tree, pole, tripod or placed on the ground if needed. An LCD screen shows solar values in real time as well as daily and weekly, while another display shows the internal battery charge level. The real time solar value display is used when setting up the Camera Power Panel, to ensure that it is mounting in the best position for maximum battery charging efficiency. The Power Panel works with Moultrie Mobile cameras and traditional Moultrie cameras dating back to 2007. MSRP: $69.99; www.MoultrieFeeders.com.

About Moultrie: More than 35 years ago, Dan Moultrie pioneered the game-management category. Today, Moultrie is one of the best-selling brands of game cameras and feeders in the world, and it continues to innovate with new technology that hunters and land managers rely on. Defined by the foundations of reliability and ease of use, Moultrie products are always field-tested and designed for hunters, by hunters themselves. Combining forward-thinking innovation with time-tested practicality, Moultrie consistently demonstrates what it means to be the Most Trusted Name in Game Management.