Tuesday, November 26, 2019

This Week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav: Camo Crusaders

This Week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav: Camo Crusaders
Hunting megastar and co-host of “My Outdoor Family, Eva Shockey, Joins The Revolution with Jim and Trav this week to discuss conservation, the tasty benefits of eating wild game, recruiting a new generation of hunters and much more. Then, we’ll hear from Matt Rice, Sr. Manager Media Relations & Consumer Marketing for Bushnell, the Kansas Cat Man, CatDaddy and Mrs. Bunny. The Revolution is presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV!

Ranging Your Target Animal with Clarity, Even in Low Light with Matt Rice of Bushnell

While terrain, game and hunting methods may vary state to state and across the country, one constant that hunters share is the need for good optics. Binoculars, riflescopes, rangefinders, spotting scopes, and more - good optics can be game changers in the field. This week on The Revolution with Jim & Trav we’re taking a closer look at rangefinder performance and binocular selection with Matt Rice, Senior Manager Media Relations and Consumer Marketing for Bushnell.

“My Outdoor Family” with Eva Shockey

How do you balance your passion for the outdoors with your everyday life responsibilities of work, family and more? Eva Shockey Brent is trying to navigate those same circumstances in a brand new show called “My Outdoor Family” on Outdoor Channel, Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. She joins The Revolution this week to talk about the new show, provide an inside look at her life and explain how she juggles her outdoor passions with her family and career commitments.

Smashing Spillway Bluecats

CatDaddy is the guide and head honcho at CatDaddy’s Catfishing Adventures and he’s ready to smash the bluecats! With an excess of water that is being released on a home body of water, CatDaddy says he’s ready to take advantage of the action in the spillway below. Because of the fast moving water, bait fish get banged up and knocked out, CatDaddy says. This presents a prime opportunity for hungry bluecats to cash in on an easy meal, it also presents a prime opportunity for anglers looking to hook up with big ol’ blues!

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