Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The NEW TenPoint ACUslide™ Cocking and De-Cocking System: The Industry’s FIRST SAFE Option to De-Cock a Crossbow

January 2020 – Ohio – At TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, cutting-edge crossbow design, innovation, and an openness to customer feedback have allowed the company’s brands to become synonymous with quality, durability, and safety. For 2020, TenPoint is excited to announce the release of a new cocking device: the ACUslide Cocking and De-Cocking System. No more straps, pressing buttons, or losing control. Silently cock your crossbow with a mere 5-pounds of force. In the event you don’t take a shot during your hunt, safely de-cock the crossbow by simply backwinding the handle, and, unlike other de-cocking systems on the market, stop at any point without fear of losing control.

The NEW ACUslide features TenPoint’s groundbreaking Auto-Brake Gear System, which allows for SILENT cocking and SAFE and CONTROLLED de-cocking. The Auto-Brake Gear System ELIMINATES the potential of losing control which can lead to injury or costly bow damage during the de-cocking process. While de-cocking with the ACUslide, the user can remove their hand from the handle AT ANY POINT, with no other action required, and the handle will SAFELY hold in place.

Rick Bednar, CEO, states, “We were asked by our customers to deliver new crossbow designs in the TenPoint line that redefine performance, maneuverability, and accuracy. Above all else, though, our customers asked us for the ability to safely de-cock their crossbow without firing an arrow. We have always committed ourselves to building the safest crossbows on the market, and, while de-cocking is not a new concept to the crossbow market, the silent ACUslide is the FIRST and ONLY SAFE OPTION to de-cock a crossbow with a crank. The ACUslide cocking system is the best cocking and de-cocking system available today. It is functionally superior to all other de-cocking options in every aspect – it is SILENT, SAFE, and EASY-TO-OPERATE.”

TenPoint considers shooter safety to be the highest priority in the design process, and our commitment to producing the safest, most user-friendly hunting crossbows and accessories in the world is highlighted by the many safety features and benefits of the ACUslide.

  • An auto-engaging trigger safety mechanism contained inside the movable trigger box attached to the ACUslide automatically places the trigger mechanism in the SAFE position when it is latched to the string, PRIOR to cocking the crossbow.
  • The ACUslide utilizes a heavy-duty, 1800-pound test nylon strap that requires no special maintenance and is durable enough for thousands of shots.
  • TenPoint’s engineers specifically designed the ACUslide to eliminate the potential of losing control during the de-cocking process which can lead to injury or costly bow damage. While de-cocking with the ACUslide, the user can remove their hand from the handle at any point, with no other action required – and the handle will stop in place.
  • The ACUslide boasts an INDUSTRY FIRST Trigger Lock Latch that locks the trigger box in place after each time the string is cocked, removing tension from the cocking strap and ensuring the trigger box is locked in the same position before each shot. This locking trigger box design is more consistent than our competitor’s movable trigger box, which does not lock into place, translating into 48% tighter down-field arrow groups.
  • The ACUslide works without the use of a locking pawl, allowing for TOTALLY SILENT cocking and de-cocking functionality.
  • The ACUslide cocking unit fits inside the body of the NEW TEC-X™ stock, yielding a simple and streamlined design.

Coupled with the ACUslide is TenPoint’s NEW XTEND Adjustable Crank Handle that can also be used with TenPoint’s popular ACUdraw and ACUdraw PRO crank cocking mechanisms.

  • The XTEND Adjustable Crank Handle, when fully extended, is 2.5-inches longer than TenPoint’s previous cocking handles, making it 7.5-inches long in total, which gives the user greater leverage and makes the crossbow 45% easier to cock.
  • When used with the ACUslide, the XTEND Adjustable Crank Handle reduces cocking effort to a mere 5-pounds of force, allowing almost anyone to cock a high-performance crossbow.
  • The handle fits neatly into a mounting slot in the NEW TEC-X stock for safe and convenient storage when not being used.
  • When purchased as a stand-alone item, the XTEND Adjustable Crank Handle comes with a hex-drive adaptor, allowing it to be used in TenPoint’s popular ACUdraw and ACUdraw PRO crank mechanisms.

The ACUslide Cocking and De-Cocking System is offered on the following NEW 2020 TenPoint models that will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2020:

  • Vapor RS470
  • Vengent S440
  • Viper S400

Visit TenPoint Crossbow Technologies for more information.

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