Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Redneck Blinds Announces Their Support of The Harvest

Denver, CO – August 31st, 2020– Harvest Home Films LLC is pleased to announce that Redneck Blinds has committed their full support to The Harvest film. A staple in the hunting industry for several years, Redneck Hunting Blinds was quick to understand the importance of the production of this film and its message to celebrate God, family, and the outdoors.

“The Harvest and everything that the project represents aligns very closely with the values we carry at Redneck Blinds,” stated CEO Danny Little. “It’s a message that non-hunters need to hear in order to educate, and it’s a message that many hunters need to hear to remember what hunting, fishing and the outdoors is really about.”

Redneck Hunting Blinds are built in Lamar, Missouri by the dedicated staff of Redneck Outdoor Products, Inc. They manufacture a wide variety of products for the outdoor industry. The company strives to provide high quality unique products that are designed for hunters by hunters. In addition to a financial contribution to the production of the movie, Redneck is also offering other donors a chance to win a redneck blind when they join The Harvest and use promo code: Redneck. Visit www.theharvestmovie.com to join.

With industry partners such as Redneck Blinds, Mossy Oak, Buck Knives and others the goal of bringing together hunters from across the nation to fund and produce a film that illustrates and illuminates the significance of the outdoor lifestyle to people unfamiliar with the true beauty of the hunting heritage is truly attainable. The Harvest is a film that celebrates the outdoor way of life while promoting a respect for the land, water and the great past time of hunting.

To learn more about how you can bring this important film to life, and how you can donate, visit www.theharvestmovie.com or contact us at theharvestmovie1@gmail.com. The project seeks to unite our industry and illustrate the power of the outdoors when united, to advance this project and any other pro-industry initiative’s that will arise in the future.

About The Harvest Movie:

The Harvest is a film with contemporary characters addressing relevant Christian themes through a celebration of the outdoor lifestyle. Join us as we strive to be stewards of the land and water and respect our resources while enriching lives through our faith. Learn more about The Harvest at www.theharvestmovie.com