Tuesday, March 29, 2022

BOWdometer and JVD Archery Motivate Archers with a New Challenge

Ontario, Canada and Nieuwkuijk, Netherlands, March 25, 2022 – BOWdometer has teamed up with JVD Archery to celebrate archers’ hard work through achievement badges and prizes. Any archer using a BOWdometer can sign up to join the challenge.

BOWdometer is an archery practice companion that attached to your bow and gives instant feedback about your shots without changing how you practice. Archers around the world use BOWdometer to track their practice, maintain their gear and connect with friends. It comes with a free BOWdometer App that automatically downloads details of all your shots – including shot count, consistency and shot angles – without changing how you practice.

The BOWdometer Achievement Challenge will run through the month of April on Instagram. Participants will earn achievement badges as they practice, using the BOWdometer App to automatically submit their progress. There are badges to celebrate achievements in practice sessions, shot counts, consistency and more! Once all 4 core badges are earned, they are entered to win an exclusive prize pack from BOWdometer and JVD Archery.

“BOWdometer is a great motivational tool that keeps you accountable while having fun with friends,” says Marianne Bell, Co-founder of Toxon Technologies, the company that created BOWdometer. “By partnering with JVD Archery, we’re able to make sure archers all over the world can access BOWdometer through their local shops. This challenge is a great way to encourage archers of any skill level to try BOWdometer and win exclusive prizes along the way.”

Are YOU up for the challenge? The BOWdometer Achievement Challenge runs through the month of April on Instagram and is open to all archers globally. To sign up, visit www.bowdometer.com/achieve. To learn more about JVD Archery, visit www.jvd-archery.com.


For inquiries, please contact:

Marianne Bell, Toxon Technologies marianne@toxontech.com
Naomi Jones, JVD Archery contact@JVD-group.com

About Toxon Technologies

Toxon Technologies was founded in 2018 to elevate the archery experience through tech. They launched BOWdometer, the best archery practice companion, in 2020. Since launch, archers in over 50 countries worldwide are using BOWdometer to track their practice, maintain their gear and connect with friends. Archers of any age or skill level can use BOWdometer to improve their skills, including pros like Sara Lopez, Steve Wijler and Crispin Duenas.

About JVD Archery

JVD Archery is a world leading, trustworthy distribution partner for the archery industry. With more than 40 years of experience, JVD Archery focuses to supply dealers with the best possible professional and personal service and advice. Their wide and up-to-date assortment contains more than 65,000 products from over 200 archery brands which provides dealers to order products for any type archers – from beginners to pros.