Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Introducing 2024 Bowtech CenterMass Accessories: Revolutionizing Balance and Precision in Archery

Eugene, OR - November 1, 2023: Bowtech, a name synonymous with innovations and accuracy, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking 2024 CenterMass Accessories. Designed to take your

archery experience to the next level, these accessories provide unmatched balance and precision, built by theleading name in archery sights, Black Gold.

The 2024 CenterMass Accessories are engineered to revolutionize the world of archery by aligning your accessories precisely at or near the centerline of your bow. This design guarantees optimal balance and stability, making every shot a masterpiece of precision. Say goodbye to unnecessary weight and hello to a new era of archery performance with Bowtech CenterMass Accessories.

The CenterMass Accessories Lineup includes:

CenterMass Stabilizers and Accessories: Our premium CenterMass Stabilizers, available in 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”lengths, mount effortlessly in the center of the riser, working harmoniously with other

CenterMass Accessories to perfect your balance. We also offer a Quick Disconnect, Universal Back Bar Mount, as well as the Bowtech Back Bar Mount, specifically designed to complement the new Bowtech Core SS and SR.

2024 CenterMass 4 Arrow Quiver: Experience archery at its finest with the Bowtech CenterMass 4-

arrow Quiver. This ultra-lightweight, perfectly balanced quiver offers unparalleled adjustability, making it a must-have for all hunters. It also features the new VersaClip locking Hanging Hook with quick connect latch. This unique hanging systemallows the quiver to be hung within easy reach, no matter the

obstacle, as well as versatility in carrying options.

CenterMass Sights: The Bowtech CenterMass Dual Trac and Pro Hunter HD Sights are the ultimate archeryaccessory that optimizes balance, maximizes target visibility, and increases accuracy. Unlike

traditional sights that mount on the outside of the riser, the CenterMass design places the sight directly in the center, offeringunparalleled balance and stability.

Mitch Mitchell, Bowtech Vice President of Marketing and Brand, expressed his excitement about the 2024 CenterMass Accessories: "We're proud to introduce these accessories that truly redefine the way archers experience balance and precision. With Bowtech CenterMass Technology, we've merged innovation and excellence to provide archers with the tools they need to elevate their game.”

To learn more, go to Bowecharchery.com or visit one of Bowtech's authorized dealers near you. To find your dealer,go to: bowtecharchery.com/dealer-locator/