Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Bad Boy Sleeves – Review by Tom Claycomb

I give 50-60 seminars/yr. so it goes without saying that I hit a lot of shows. While at shows I always like to have time to go check out all of the vendors. At a show in early 2020, I ran across Pro-Tracker Archery displaying weight forward product (FOC) called the Bad Boys.

The Bad Boys is a sleeve that fits over the end of your arrow and is held in place by the broadhead. Here is what motivated them to develop the Bad Boys… with the higher speeds the modern bows are shooting, archers are finding that weight forward is needed for accuracy, penetration and momentum to drive your arrow into your game.

Pro-Tracker Archery feels they have developed a product that addresses the following three topics:

  1. MOMENTUM-Bad Boys will increase the momentum upon impact to drive the arrow deeper, usually ending is a pass-through shot.
  2. PENETRATION-Of course weight helps increase the depth of your penetration. Many times, weight will help break a bone, thereby allowing the arrow to direct all of the energy in pushing the arrow in its original path resulting in deeper penetration.
  3. ACCURACY-They feel that with the added weight of the Bad Boys that your accuracy will be helped immensely. Cross winds will have less effect and your arrow will stabilize faster in flight due to the weight being added on the front end. The front with the added weight helps pull the arrow forward.

Bad Boys are unique in that not only do they claim they help with the above three attributes, but here is their big boasting point: they claim you do not have to re-sight in your bow when using Bad Boys. Due to the thickness of the sleeve (which varies with different weights) the arrow will have the same point of impact using your existing set-up.

So here is how a Bad Boy works: Slip it over the end or your arrow shaft, screw in your broadhead to hold it in place. You can use 2-blade, 3-blade or expandable broadheads, whatever you are currently using.

Bad Boys come in 100 gr., 125 gr., 150 gr., 200 gr., 250 gr. and 300 gr wts. They claim that if you’re hunting a whitetail today and use a 125 gr. and then next week want a heavier Bad Boy to elk hunt, just interchange and you will have the same point of impact.

So there is no difference in accuracy. You don’t have to even adjust your pins. If your deer is at 20 yds., use the 20 yd. pin. If it is at 30 yds., use the 30-yd. pin. They are not glued on so use your favorite arrow and interchange different weight Bad Boys as you so desire.

And to address one last question that if you’re like me that will pop up in your mind. Surely you have to wonder if a Bad Boy won’t slow down your arrow? The answer, yes, of course. But Bad Boys claim that the advantage of the extra weight over speed in delivering the above three desired results is so much greater that it is well worth the slower speeds.