Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Archery Ranges Open for Summer 2024

MassWildlife will open temporary public archery ranges from June through September on Wildlife Management Areas across the state. Grab your equipment and sign up for a range pass at one of 4 locations.

If you have your own archery equipment but don't have a great place to practice, try out one of MassWildlife’s free ranges this summer. Four archery ranges will be set up at different dates on Wildlife Management Areas:

  • Wayne F. MacCallum WMA, Westborough (June 1 – July 28)
  • Southampton WMA, Southampton (June 1 – July 28)
  • Erwin Wilder WMA, Norton/Taunton (August 1 – September 27)
  • Kent's Island at William Forward WMA, Newbury (August 1 – September 27)

To use the range, you must obtain a range pass. Complete an application to receive a confirmation email that serves as your range pass.

Range rules

While these ranges will be monitored, they are unstaffed. Range visitors must bring their own equipment and follow all rules while on the range. These rules will also be posted at the range.


  • Must have a valid access pass to use this range.
  • Always walk when moving about the range. No running.
  • Arrows with target points only can be used. No broadheads.
  • Transport arrows safely in a bow case or quiver until at the shooting line and ready to shoot.
  • Shoot only at the targets in your shooting lane.
  • Straddle the shooting line while shooting. Keep one foot in front and one foot behind the line. Never stand ahead of the shooting line while anyone is shooting.
  • Be certain the range is clear before nocking your arrow.
  • Keep nocked arrows pointed down or towards the target at all times.
  • No more than six arrows may be shot before the arrows are retrieved.
  • Step back from the shooting line when done shooting and rack or case your bow.
  • Only walk down range to retrieve arrows when all archers have racked or cased their bows.
  • Confirm that shooting has stopped by making eye contact with other archers and say loudly CLEAR before proceeding down range.
  • Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited from the range.