Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Bowtech Claims 3 Major Pro Podium Spots at 2020 OPA Bowfest

The OPA Bowfest, is a one-of-a kind four-day 3D Archery event. Known to be the most difficult and largest of its kind. Shooters once again turned in dominating performances in the Pro classes, as well as the amateur with several exciting wins.

Bowtech Pro-Shooter Tim Gillingham, shooting in the Pro Senior Known class, made easy work of this otherwise difficult course, putting up daily scores that topped all pro class scores. Additionally, Bowtech Pro Shooter Ron Barndt was not far behind keeping in the top 2 throughout the weekend. Saturday evening the top 5 shooters scored were put at 0 and the shoot-off began. Both Tim and Ron didn’t hold back, and Ron made it difficult for Tim to hold the top spot. Tim’s great strategy in picking his first target in the shoot-off, allowed him to have the easiest target last. A solid 10 shot gave him the victory, with Ron in close 2nd.

After his victory, Tim shared: “OPA is the epitome of archery accuracy tests. Your equipment must be flawless to build the confidence it takes to hit minuscule targets at extreme angles and distances. My Bowtech Reckoning 38 along with the rest of my equipment choices were key to beating the entire field of shooters by 16 points. Hard work coupled with the best bow equals success!”

Moving to Women’s Pro, Bowtech Pro-Shooter and defending champion Paige Pearce, performed strong both days as well coming out of the gate day 1 with the lead. On day 2, Paige kept up the aggressive performance, again leading going into the shoot-off. Again, scores were re-set to 0 and it was a tight race all the way. It came down to 3 shooters within 1 point of each other and Paige was just edged out to bring home 2nd for Team Bowtech.

After the strong finish, Paige shared “Though I’m not walking away with the win this weekend, this was the best I have ever shot at OPA. I was so happy with my performance and how the Bowtech Reckoning 38 performed, and it felt so good to be back. The new OPA format where the scores go back to zero in the shoot off definitely got the best of me, but I’m more motivated than ever to get back at it!”

Regarding this weekend’s performance, Dave Parker, Bowtech Vice President of Marketing expressed, “We couldn’t be prouder of the performances Team Bowtech shooters turned in at OPA.”

“Tim’s performance was unbelievable! To shoot scores that were so far in front of the best archers in the world is testimony to Tim’s ability, work ethic, and proving once again the Bowtech Reckoning 38 is the best target bow in the world!”

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