Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Bowtech Archery Unveils “bowtech Moments” Campaign

At Bowtech, we understand that our products are more than just hunting equipment; they are integral to the experiences and moments that shape the lives of our customers. We take immense pride in being a part of these stories, and the "Bowtech Moments" campaign is designed to honor the emotions, achievements, community bonds, and traditions that have been built around our brand.

Each passing minute spent in the great outdoors, every heart-pounding hunt, every triumphant success, and every tradition passed down through generations - they all form the fabric of our customers' stories. The "Bowtech Moments" campaign celebrates these stories that have unfolded alongside our products, and we're excited to showcase them to the world.

“The Bowtech Moments campaign is not just about showcasing our equipment; it's about honoring the essence of what we stand for.” Said Mitch Mitchell, Bowtech Vice President of Marketing and Brand. “What draws them is what drives us and we’re here to honor it.”

Beginning September 1st, we are encouraging archers to post their own photos and videos of memorable moments with their Bowtech bows using the hashtag #bowtechmoments. They can be real, raw, and unedited visuals to showcase real-life moments where Bowtech bows played a vital role in achieving success. By doing so they’ll also be entered for a chance to win some cool swag from Bowtech Archery.

You can learn more at: bowtecharchery.com/moments.

About Bowtech:

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Bowtech Archery is a JDH Capital company and a pioneer in the archery industry, celebrated for producing superior compound bows and crossbows. With its 'Refuse to Follow' mantra, Bowtech continually innovates to deliver the best archery experiences to customers worldwide.