Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Become 1 Continues Partnership with Prime Archery

Petry and Ventura Aim for Continued Success with the Prime RVX

Memphis, Michigan — Prime Archery is proud to announce the continued partnership with Tom Petry and Nick Ventura, hosts of the TV show, Become 1. Entering its tenth season, the partnership between Prime and these two hunters has seen Petry pursue trophy elk, and Ventura track down monster whitetail.

“Our partnership with Prime is based on the integrity between two companies that strive to be the best they can be at what they do. I have always admired how dedicated Prime is to the brand, the product, customer service and the feedback of the end user,” explained Tom. “And that’s exactly how we operate at Become 1. It’s been a mutual appreciation and partnership and that’s one worth bragging about in my book.”

This hunting season Tom and Nick will both rely on shooting the Prime RVX34, which is Prime’s most tunable, and accurate bow to date, and made with industry leading nock travel, efficiency, and an incredible smooth draw feel.

“Partnering with Prime to me is the highlight of the brands I work with, the family at Prime is second to none and the desire the company has to push the boundaries on efficiency quality aligns perfectly with who I strive to be as a hunter,” said Nick. “Everything they make is quality and they are never satisfied, which is a quality I think more brands should strive for.”

The Become 1 brand and TV Show aims to share the importance of hunting traditions and its future in today’s society. Through compelling stories told by hunters past and present, they hope to inspire hunters to understand what it means to be a hunter, and honor and protect those timeless traditions.

“Working with the guys at Become 1 the past ten years has been nothing but a pleasure, and a benefit for Prime,” said Matt Grace, President of Grace Engineering. “The visual content and message that they deliver not only provides their viewers with exciting hunting action, information, but also conservation.”

About Prime Archery:
Prime Archery is a family-owned business who have positioned themselves as industry leader in premium archery equipment since 2010. With over 40 years of manufacturing and design experience spanning 3 generations, Prime is committed to providing high-quality equipment, because nothing aims like a Prime™.