Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The World’s Highest Performance Crossbow Arrow - The VooDoo SS™

Every once in a while a product is released that truly revolutionizes an industry, and that quantum leap in technology is evidenced through Victory Archery’s® brand new Voodoo SS™ bolt. Utilizing patented technology from Victory’s new industry-dominating VAP SS™ hunting arrow and the innovative design of the original Voodoo™ bolt, Victory engineers have created a game changing micro-diameter crossbow arrow.

The VAP Voodoo crossbow bolt was ahead of its time by about a decade. Its revolutionary micro-diameter construction and weight forward design meant it could out-penetrate anything on the market. Now ten years later, the Voodoo SS builds on a decade of success to create world’s best penetrating bolt with stainless steel mesh woven into the carbon for extreme durability. It also features Victory Archery’s Rail Rider™ technology, a patented system that allows for 95% less contact with the rail while simultaneously eliminating nose up or nose down launch angles.

“With the improved SHOKTL™ outsert and reconfigured vane offset, the Voodoo SS is the most accurate, hard hitting and durable bolt we have ever made,” says Tod Boretto, Victory Archery’s lead engineer. Crossbow hunters finally have a bolt that can handle the energy of modern high-powered crossbows and can have confidence in their bolt to punch through anything that stands in its path.

Trust the Carbon Arrow Experts

To get the highest performing hunting bolts for your crossbow, call the Carbon Arrow Experts at Victory Archery. Victory produces the world’s best carbon arrows for hunting and target shooting, period. Whether you’re looking for speed, precision, durability or momentum – Victory Archery has the perfect arrows and bolts to get the job done.

Victory leads the industry when it comes to arrow innovation using carbon weave technology, creating true arrow flight with minimal torque, ICE Nano-Ceramic coating for easy arrow pulling and digitally aligned spines for supreme consistency. Don’t settle for less. Make sure you have supreme confidence in your equipment by trusting The Carbon Arrow Experts at Victory Archery. Just make sure you have a tough enough target that can stop these bone-crushing Voodoo SS bolts!

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