Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Trophyline Meets Mobile Hunting Gear Demands In Store for 2022

Trophyline is proud to announce the next step in meeting the incredible saddle and mobile hunting community’s gear demand by offering products online and now in-store for 2022.

Since Trophyline’s first inception in 1961, the Tree Saddle has been one of the most innovative hunting solutions to ever hit the industry. In recent years the explosion in saddle hunting popularity and a strong and dedicated Trophyline community brought this original saddle back to market in Trophyline with new dedicated outdoorsmen and women at the helm. Relaunched 2019, Trophyline has continued to offer rock-solid, lightweight yet comfortable mobile hunting gear to hunters with a #hangwiththebest guarantee!

Trophyline is dedicated to ensuring every hunter is afforded the opportunity to Saddle Up™ in 2022. Retailers now have the opportunity to meet the incredible demand for saddle hunting gear with Trophyline products, education, and expertise face to face.

“We expect 2022 to be our biggest year yet, and we plan to meet hunters with the inventory and expertise they require both in-store and online. With several new products launching in 2022, and some even bigger projects planned, hunters everywhere should be motivated and have the opportunity to be outfitted with our gear. Retailers and hunters alike will now be delivered our guarantee of the highest quality gear, with the best value in the industry.” Said Shawn Ferguson, Managing Director for Trophyline

Retailers carrying Trophyline in 2022 will be able to outfit a hunter with everything they need to start mobile hunting.

Learn more at Trophyline.com or contact the Outtech sales team.

Hang With The Best. Guaranteed