Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Moultrie Wins Gold In Readers’ Choice Awards

BIRMINGHAM, AL — Moultrie Trail Cameras took home the Gold 2020 Readers’ Choice Award for the “Trail Camera” category voted on by the readers of Bowhunting World magazine.

For nearly 70 years Bowhunting World has served to inform and entertain bowhunters and potential bowhunters with articles and photography emphasizing equipment, how-to, personality, nature/conservation and adventure. The magazine’s readers have come to expect industry-leading bow reports, equipment reviews as well as how-to knowledge on a wide range of game species.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as the most-trusted trail camera from a group of such dedicated and demanding hunters,” says Martin Hill, Marketing Director for PRADCO Hunting Division. “Bowhunting World’s readers reflect the many great folks who trust us to produce the most-reliable and easy-to-use game cameras that their hard-earned money can buy. That’s motivation enough for Moultrie to continue to set the standard in trail cameras and cellular trail cameras.”

Moultrie is no new-comer to the trail-camera business. The company has been on the ground floor since day one and they have continued to push innovation in the market.

Dan Moultrie pioneered trail camera design by starting with a large rat trap. He cut one spring off the trap so that it wouldn’t “throw” as hard. He then tied a string from the mouse-trap lever to the baited barrel where bears would feed. Next, he bought a 35mm camera and lined it up perfectly where the lever on the trap would slap the camera shutter button when the trap was tripped — taking one photo!

“Even today, that’s as cool as it gets,” says Dan Moultrie. “That first time walking up and seeing that rat trap thrown, and the camera said one picture taken — that was as good as it got!”

From that first rattrap designed 35mm roll-film camera to today’s Moultrie A-900 game camera that captures 30MP digital images to Moultrie Mobile Trail Cameras and Modems that send game pictures from the woods to your smartphone, Moultrie has continued to push innovation and create scouting solutions that help hunters be successful.

About Moultrie: More than 35 years ago, Dan Moultrie pioneered the game-management category. Today, Moultrie is one of the best-selling brands of game cameras and feeders in the world, and it continues to innovate with new technology that hunters and land managers rely on. Defined by the foundations of reliability and ease of use, Moultrie products are always field-tested and designed for hunters, by hunters themselves. Combining forward-thinking innovation with time-tested practicality, Moultrie consistently demonstrates what it means to be the Most Trusted Name in Game Management.