Tuesday, September 19, 2023

NDA Partners With Wisconsin DNR to Grow Hunting, Trapping and Shooting Efforts

September 19th, 2023 – The National Deer Association is excited to announce its partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The NDA now joins the ranks of Pheasants Forever, Raised At Full Draw and Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors in partnering with the Wisconsin DNR. The aim of this partnership is to recruit, retain and reactivate (R3) participants into hunting, trapping and shooting sports across Wisconsin. This mission will be supported by the addition of a new, jointly funded position by the NDA and the Wisconsin DNR.

“We are looking forward to this partnership with the Wisconsin DNR,” said NDA Director of Hunting, Hank Forester. “Their values of environmental protection and enhancement, as well as their dedication to increasing the number of hunters, align perfectly with the NDA mission. We’re looking forward to growing the hunting, trapping, and shooting population and contributing to the efforts of the Wisconsin DNR.”

The Wisconsin DNR is focused on upholding and maintaining the fish, wildlife, forest, parks, air and water resources of its communities. This latest partnership, and its conjoined position, will be dedicated to providing and supporting programming and events around the state to promote responsible hunting, trapping and shooting sports engagement.

“These partnerships help us develop an appreciation for the outdoors and support wildlife conservation efforts among the public while also promoting these activities to future generations,” said Bob Nack, DNR Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation Team Supervisor. “Each of these organizations brings experience and specific areas of interest that will provide diverse outdoor learning experiences for Wisconsinites of all experience levels.”

These efforts will focus on teaching people how to get started in each of these activities, supporting and engaging people already involved and encouraging individuals with prior experience who may not be currently active in these activities to get involved again. For more details or to apply, visit https://deerassociation.com/about/employment-opportunities/.

For more information on the NDA and their partnerships visit www.deerassociation.com. To learn more about the Wisconsin DNR please see www.dnr.wisconsin.gov.

About the National Deer Association

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