Tuesday, June 23, 2020

MonsterMeal® “Planning 4 Profit” available to Dealers in the Northeast at Cooperative Feed Dealers

LaVergne, TN MonsterMeal® and Cooperative Feed Dealers (CFD) have agreed to participate in their second, fall, “Planning 4 Profit” promotion for CFD Dealers.

Blake Davis, Alternate Brand Manager for MonsterMeal® , said, “Tennessee Farmer’s Cooperative, the owner of MonsterMeal® wildlife feed and attractants understands the value of great distribution partners. With CFD being a Cooperative, the comfort in similar culture makes it an easy decision for us to work together. So much of our product is being sold at Farm and Ranch retailers because their customers hunt and own land, but freight and inventory management can be an issue with bulky, seasonal items like ours. Sometimes it makes sense to leverage a distribution opportunity so that the retailer can better manage inventory, mitigate minimum order requirements, and maintain fresh product for seasonal sales. Cooperative Feed Dealers has an excellent distribution location, access to our customer, and a delivery schedule that adds long term profit and stability for everyone. CFD has proven that their team can deliver sales and service. We are looking forward to the continuing the growth that CFD has represented for our brand and we want any potential dealer in their coverage territory to understand where to get MonsterMeal®.”

About MonsterMeal®

MonsterMeal® wildlife feed and attractants is dedicated to animal nutrition. MonsterMeal® provides the best results for your herd and your hunt by leveraging 75 years of experience in formulating high quality animal feed. When you’re ready to experience animal attraction, premium nutrition, and superior results, insist on MonsterMeal®.

About CFD

CFD - Co-operative Feed Dealers, Inc - is a wholesale distributor and offers a wide variety of product lines, excellent customer service, and delivery capabilities in the northeast. We have partnered with 100's of the nation's top suppliers to offer thousands of products for your farm, garden and pet needs. CFD is a cooperative established in 1935 to assist independent feed mills and increase their purchasing power to compete effectively with the larger corporate mills. CFD was founded under the cooperative corporation laws of New York State. Under the cooperative, independent dealers, buying through CFD, receive competitive prices on retail store merchandise and feed ingredients. CFD has expanded to distribute agricultural, garden and pet supplies to numerous market segments. Our customers include feed mills and retail locations (farm supply stores, tack and feed stores, lawn & garden centers, hardware stores, pet supply stores, sporting goods stores and shoe stores).