Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Target Sports USA Prime Day Event

PRIME DAY is September 19, 2022

The nation’s leading online ammo retailer, Target Sports USA, is celebrating PRIME DAY on September 19, 2022. PRIME DAY came about to show appreciation to a fantastic community of Prime members by hosting an exclusive online event known as Prime Day. The Prime event starts with daily specials, then ends on September 19 with a day of Ammo deals.

What’s the advantage of being a PRIME MEMBER?

A Prime membership supplies extra discounts for shooting sports enthusiasts! For example, with Prime 803, members get 8% off already great Ammo prices, 0 shipping cost, and a 3-hour priority alert notice about new or restocked items. Besides these benefits, there is a Prime Day event every year with a party, prizes, and a Ford F150 Truck giveaway.

Target Sports USA


Four contestants are randomly selected from entries all around the USA. Target Sports USA will arrange for an all-expense paid trip to tour the Connecticut warehouse and attend a party with 200 hundred Prime customers, where we will pull the PRIME TRUCK WINNER. The rest of the contestants will walk away with $2,000 worth of merchandise and ammo.

The event will start at noon at the Target Sports USA headquarters, followed by a warehouse tour and open Q & A, appetizers, and refreshments. At 2:00, Target Sports USA guests will attend a celebration at a local brewery called Kinsman Brewery,” said a representative from Target Sports USA. Guests will enjoy a four-hour event with entertainment, prizes for Prime attendees, drinks, and food.

You can check this link to Target Sports USA’s website to learn more. TargetSportsUSA.com


How do you become a PRIME Member?

Go to www.TargetSportsUSA.com/t-ammoprime.aspx

Sign up for yearly Prime membership! It’s that simple.

About Target Sports USA:

Target Sports USA is an online ammunition store specializing in selling bulk online ammo sales. Target Sports USA is located in Connecticut, and all ammo is shipped from the warehouse to locations in the USA.

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