Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Summit Outdoors Partners With Wentz Brothers Outdoors

Summit Outdoors is proud to announce a partnership with Carson and Zach Wentz
Of Wentz Brothers Outdoors.

Fort Wayne, IN – Leading outdoor product manufacturer Summit Outdoors is proud to announce a new partnership with Wentz Brothers Outdoors. The Wentz brothers, Zach and Carson, join a team of movers and shakers in the outdoor space by teaming with Summit Outdoors.

Summit Outdoors operates out of Fort Wayne, IN, and is the manufacturer of popular outdoor hunting products like Shadow Hunter Blinds, Tail Mate Seats, Ghost Blind, SlotLock tree stakes, and Elevator Brackets. For over 60 years, Summit Outdoors has been focused on developing the most unique and compelling portfolio of hunting and outdoor products for our customers. The team at Summit Outdoors knows the hunting community has high standards when it comes to their gear and the purchases they make. Because of that, Summit Outdoors is committed to offering the best possible products to help ensure every hunter's success whenever they enter the woods.

“With the recent location of the Wentz brothers to Indiana, this is a partnership that makes a great deal of sense for us,” said Josh Pawlak, Summit Outdoors Marketing Director. “Our values and work ethic pair very nicely with the Carson and Zach, and we are excited to welcome the Wentz Brothers to Indiana and the Summit Outdoors family.”

Zach and Carson are talented athletes, with Carson listed as QB1 for the Indianapolis Colts. Wentz Brothers Outdoors allows Zach and Carson to showcase life outside the lines through their own hunts and outdoor experiences. Fans of Wentz Brothers Outdoors can expect to see the integration of Summit Outdoors products into social media, digital, TV, and other content as soon as Fall 2021.

A family-owned business, Summit Outdoors has been in operation since 1958. The company manufactures popular products like Shadow Hunter Blinds, Tail Mate Seats, GhostBlind, Elevators, Slotlock tree stakes, and various other products geared towards outdoor customers.

For more information about Summit Outdoors or the family of products, please visit www.shadowhunterblind.com. Subscribe to the Wentz Brothers YouTube Channel.