Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Trunk from Scent Crusher® - Halo Series

Wichita, KS - Store everything from boots to accessories to all of your layers in The Trunk from Scent Crusher®, the easy stow-and-go unit that’s changing the game of organization and travel for hunters. Toss this rigid, weather-resistant container in the back of your truck with no worries. All your hunting items will stay fresh, dry, and scent-free thanks to Scent Crusher’s revolutionary ozone cleaning technology, now packed into a hard-sided, easy-to-use trunk container. The Trunk provides an easy and effective way to eliminate odors on clothing and equipment, so you are ready for the next hunt. Use the NEW battery-operated Halo Ozone Generator to remove odors on-site or in transit. This rugged container is there to do the job and is perfect for all your hunting gear storage needs.

The Scent Crusher® Trunk is a 108-quart container that can be used for permanent storage or for traveling. Constructed from polypropylene and polyethylene this Trunk is even safe for food storage! The Trunk measures 36.5” L x 18” W x 14 D” and is 12 lbs. Included is the NEW Halo Series Ozone generator that lasts 4+ hours on a single lithium-ion battery charge. The generator circulates ozone with a whisper-quiet fan for maximum ozone output with timer settings of 10, 20, and 30 minutes. The Trunk also has reinforced removable lid with hinged latching and four tie-down points for a lockable feature. Similar to other Scent Crusher® products, The Trunk comes with a maintenance-free, AC/DC charging cords and a two-year warranty.

I would recommend this to everyone. I went from a regular tote using wafers to this. Big improvement in seeing animals! The wafer, being made in a lab, always threw a red flag with whitetails and they would try to sniff me out. This has eliminated that problem completely. Thanks, Scent Crusher®!”- Joe, a Scent Crusher® Customer


Scent Crusher® products are a complete scent elimination system. Based on research from NASA, this system was developed using an exceptionally effective Ozone Generator that is 100% chemical-free and effectively removes scent and odors from your gear. Scent Crusher® ozone generators produce on-demand ozone which is attracted to bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. The ozone attacks and destroys scent and bacteria through oxidation, then converts it safely back into oxygen, leaving your gear scent-free. For more information, visit Scent Crusher.com.

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