Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Responsible Hunting Scent Association Encourages Hunters to Support Louisiana Rule Update

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries accepting comments now.

The Responsible Hunting Scent Association (RHSA) is encouraging hunters to support a proposed update to Louisiana’s deer hunting regulations that that allows the sale and use of scents that are derived from the Deer Protection Program. The rules change is needed because administration of the program is transitioning from the Archery Trade Association to RHSA, so natural deer urine products that meet the requirements of the law will begin featuring a new “DPP Checkmark” logo.

The RHSA is continuing the same scientifically based biosecurity requirements that have been in place since 2016. Qualified urine producers must be enrolled in the APHIS Herd Certification Program, be closed herds with no importation of animals for more than five years, be annually inspected by a state accredited veterinarian, maintain fencing and facilities as to prevent outside contamination, and track and test all animal deaths even if they leave the urine collection program.

Additionally, Louisiana is the first state in the nation that requires that cervid urine based hunting scents used in the state be tested for the presence of CWD prions. Using the cutting-edge RT-QuIC assay, manufacturers can test and screen the urine used in their scents as a final confirmation that no CWD is detected before they are packaged and distributed. Availability of RT-QuIC tested products has increased immensely since 2019 and are readily available from multiple manufacturers. Complying products are clearly labeled with the RT-QuIC logo.

“Chronic Wasting Disease a real threat to wild deer and deer hunting, and the Responsible Hunting Scent Association is actively and scientifically engaged to address the problem,” said Sam Burgeson, RHSA President. “Our members stand to be partners with hunters and wildlife agencies like LDWF to turn the tide on this unfortunate disease.”

A public hearing on this rule update will be held April 21 at LDWF headquarters in Baton Rouge.