Tuesday, October 13, 2020

MonsterMeal® Feeder Pellets: Ideal for Wildlife

LaVergne, TN - Where legal, a solid wildlife feeding program can be the single most beneficial aspect of a land and herd improvement program. MonsterMeal® Feeder Pellets are the only commercially available complete source for deer and wildlife. Most commercial deer feed is actually a relabeled beef feed. Deer and other Cervids need a pellet that is specifically designed to meet all their seasonal needs.

MonsterMeal® Feeder Pellets contain 3 major advantages over the competition:

  1. Bioavailable nutrition: The ingredients and nutrient levels are derived from sources of grain and minerals that deer can actually digest. Many pellets have high levels of protein or energy that may be ideal for grazing animals. Only MonsterMeal® uses protein, fiber, and energy sources that are readily available to the deer.
  2. Palatability: A pellet deer do not eat is a waste of money. MonsterMeal® Feeder Pellets have the

flavor that deer crave. But flavor is not the only consideration. MonsterMeal® Feeder Pellets have a texture that deer prefer. Deer being selective browsers, they have a decided preference for what they eat based on how it feels in their mouth. Years of research have allowed us to perfect the pellet texture. An added benefit to the texture is pellet “quality”. Simply put, the MonsterMeal® pellet will hold up better in any type of feeder and that quality also helps it resist environmental breakdown without any wax coating.

  1. No seasonal limitations: North to south and East to West, the MonsterMeal® Feeder Pellet will give a complete nutritional profile that will aid in weight gain, fawn production, lactation and antler synthesis.

If you are ready to take your wildlife to the next level, head to your local MonsterMeal® dealer and pick up a bag of MonsterMeal® Feeder Pellets and get your herd on track for their best year ever.

About MonsterMeal®
MonsterMeal® wildlife feed and attractants is dedicated to animal nutrition. MonsterMeal® provides the best results for your herd and your hunt by leveraging 75 years of experience in formulating high quality animal feed. When you’re ready to experience animal attraction, premium nutrition, and superior results, insist on MonsterMeal®. Animal Attraction. Premium Nutrition. Superior Results.