Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Pack 8 Deer Favorites into a Food Plot with Antler King’s Great 8

Upper Sandusky, OH – Antler’s King Great 8 fall annual food plot blend is formulated with eight delectable plant varieties that mature at different times for a continuous food source throughout the season.

Winter peas and buckwheat will bring in deer during the early season, while radishes, turnips, and forage rape will attract them during the rut. Winter oats and cereal rye mature from archery season through gun season and beyond.

The robust blend provides protein and energy to keep deer herds healthy during harsh winter conditions and facilitate antler growth in the early spring.

Great 8 retails for $24.99 for an 8-pound bag and $89.99 for a 40-pound bag.

To learn more about Great 8 and browse the full Antler King lineup, visit antlerking.com.

About Antler King

The leader in nutritional products for whitetails, Antler King has been helping hunters and land managers produce bigger bucks and healthier deer for over 30 years. From food plots to a full line of feed, blocks, minerals and attractants, Antler King has everything you need to keep deer on your property and grow them into trophies. To learn more about Antler King and see a full lineup of products, visit antlerking.com. Interested in becoming an Antler King dealer? Please contact Antler King at info@antlerking.com.

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