Tuesday, September 28, 2021

BOWdometer Ambassador Sara Lopez sets records at the World Championships

Lopez becomes the first archer to claim 3 gold medals at the World Championships.

Yankton, South Dakota, – Colombian compound archer Sara Lopez, who is “obsessed” with her BOWdometer, made history by becoming the first archer to win all 3 gold medals available in their category (team, mixed team and individual) at the World Championships.

While training for competitions, Lopez relies on her BOWdometer archery practice companion to track her practice. “I think this product is something we really needed a long time ago and it will help lots of archers around the world,” says Lopez, “I’m obsessed! It’s a very useful tool.”

Lopez has been a Brand Ambassador for the BOWdometer product since early 2021, when the Ambassador Program was first introduced. Currently, there are 85 Ambassadors spread across the globe who use the product, have input on features and represent BOWdometer in their local archery communities. Ambassadors range in age, skill level and discipline – just like the global archery community.

“The BOWdometer brand is all about community, collaboration and helping keep each other motivated to practice and improve,” says Marianne Bell, Co-founder of Toxon Technologies. “Having Ambassadors like Sara Lopez crush their goals showcases the outcome of hard work, focus and is truly inspirational to archers of all ages and skill levels. And that’s what BOWdometer is all about.”

Lopez will continue competing in Yankton at the Hyundai World Cup Finals later this week. She earned her place in this elusive competition by winning the Hyundai World Cup Stage 3 competition in Paris, France in June.

You can learn more about the BOWdometer Ambassador Program here: www.bowdometer.com/ambassadors


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About Toxon Technologies

Toxon Technologies was founded in 2018 to elevate the archery experience through tech. They launched BOWdometer, the first archery practice companion, in 2020. Since launch, archers in over 50 countries worldwide are using BOWdometer to track their practice, maintain their gear and connect with friends. Archers of any age or skill level can use BOWdometer to improve their skills, including pros like Sara Lopez, Steve Wijler and Crispin Duenas.

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