Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Unique Series Dedicated to Blind Hunters: Adaptive Pursuits Now Airing on Sportsman Channel

Denver – The best part about the outdoors is that it is available for everyone to enjoy, no matter the challenges faced personally. Sportsman Channel recently introduced the unique series, Adaptive Pursuits TV airing Fridays at 7:30 p.m. ET that showcases hunters and anglers who enjoy the outdoors despitye the challenge of being blind or visually-impaired.

Adaptive Pursuits TV, presented by The North American Association of Blind Sportsmen, features a special group of people who won’t let a “disability” define who they are or what they do. Viewers will be inspired with this new series by learning the trials the guests experience on a daily basis – and how they overcome them.

Adaptive Pursuits TV is a show unlike any other on Sportsman Channel,” Outdoor Sportsman Group President and CEO, Jim Liberatore said. “The blind and visually-impaired hunters and fishers in this show are inspiring examples of living life despite perceived handicaps.”

Watch Adaptive Pursuits TV on Sportsman Channel on Fridays at 7:30 p.m. ET.

About The North American Association of Blind Sportsmen: The North American Association of Blind Sportsmen is a non-profit organization that helps blind and vision-impaired people from all over North America take on hunting and fishing adventures that they might never dare on their own. We fund the adventures through membership fees, donations and grants. NAABS is run by the blind, for the benefit of the blind.

About Sportsman Channel: Launched in 2003, Sportsman Channel/Sportsman HD/Sportsman Channel Canada (added in 2019) are television and digital media networks fully devoted to honoring a lifestyle that is celebrated by millions of North Americans. A division of Outdoor Sportsman Group, Sportsman Channel/Sportsman Canada delivers entertaining and informative programming that showcases outdoor adventure, hunting and fishing, and illustrates it through unique and authentic storytelling. Sportsman Channel/Sportsman Channel Canada embrace the attitude of celebrating the Great Outdoors in equal measure. Stay connected to Sportsman Channel online at thesportsmanchannel.com, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. #IAmSportsman. #MyOutdoorTV



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