Tuesday, February 11, 2020

This Week on the Revolution with Jim and Trav: Wild Kitchen

Wild Kitchen

From the kitchen to gnarly brush, The Revolution with Jim and Trav this week is focusing on two of America’s beloved pastimes, preparing and devouring wild game and thrilling small game hunts. Joining the boys will be the Georgia Peach, Michael Waddell of “Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector”, plus Brian Tucker from Hi Mountain Seasonings, Mrs. Bunny and that whiskered Cat Man, CatDaddy! The Revolution is presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV.

Winter Squirrel Hunting with Michael Waddell

“You’re not worried about them being a 3 ½ or 4 ½ year old squirrel, or what they look like. You’re just trying to get enough for some gravy and biscuits.” - Michael Waddell

Big game seasons are over and now that the dust has settled, it’s time to evaluate how they went. Michael Waddell, co-host of “Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector” Sundays at 10:30 pm ET on Outdoor Channel, says the Bone Collector crew had a fantastic year hunting and filling tags with nice animals. However, with big game seasons over, that does mean it’s time to hang up your hunting gear. Listen in as Michael Waddell talks small game hunting. He challenges people to get outside, taking kids hunting, and give them a memorable experience. Squirrel hunting just may be the thing that will trip the trigger to get them hooked on hunting and eventually take them to the next level, he says.

Bison Hunting and Outside the Box Wild Game Preparation with Brian Tucker

The days of massive herds of free ranging bison moving across the American plains are long gone. However, a couple small herds still exist as do limited opportunities for hunters to tag one of these behemoth animals. Brian Tucker is the National Sales Manager for Hi Mountain Seasonings and he joins The Revolution with Jim and Trav this week, fresh off of a wild bison hunt in Wyoming.

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