Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Nick Mundt of Bone Collector Joins APEX Outdoor Rewards

November 22nd, 2022- APEX Outdoor Rewards is pleased to announce that Nick Mundt is a new addition to the APEX Outdoor Rewards Elite Partner family. Mundt is one of the three hosts on Michael Waddell’s Bone
Collector, a long-standing hunting show and organization established to encourage and support the hunting community.

Nick is from Spearfish, South Dakota, a place that had him involved in hunting at an early age. Mundt was
a licensed hunting guide in Wyoming for 15 years, which was followed by a 9-year stint behind the camera
for Realtree. In 2008 when Michael Waddell launched Bone Collector, Nick kicked off the next step in his
career as a public facing television host and ambassador for hunting.

Mundt has grown into one of the most recognized people in the hunting industry. His passion for hunting
has driven a desire for him to become a voice for all hunters. He enjoys the public platform, as it allows
him to spread the message to never apologize for being a hunter. He enjoys educating hunters with the importance of strong moral values and appreciation for the outdoors.

Mundt’s outlook on hunting and the importance of values, morals, and comradery aligns perfectly with
APEX Outdoor Rewards. As a team, APEX and their Elite Partners want to bring hunters together to help grow the Outdoor culture for a stronger tomorrow.

If you’re a whitetail deer or turkey hunter, APEX Outdoor Rewards provides a simple but incredibly exciting opportunity to reward your harvest efforts. Your next harvest could bring you big cash rewards in this fall’s Whitetail Challenge or next spring’s Turkey Challenge.

Several states across the country are eligible for APEX Rewards! With partners like Nick Mundt, APEX hopes to provide passionate hunters with opportunities that have never been seen before in hunting. If you’re interested in participating in a 2022 Whitetail Challenge or the 2023 Spring Turkey Challenges,
visit https://apexoutdoorrewards.com/ for more details.

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About APEX Outdoor Rewards:
APEX is founded on the challenge of fair chase pursuit and an overall passion for hunting. We’re bringing technology and the desire to hunt together to provide all hunters with a platform that rewards their skills. Each year, APEX will offer deer and turkey challenges on a per state basis. Apex hunters give themselves a chance to win big and contribute to local conservation! Bring APEX on your next hunting adventure. Reward Your Passion.