Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Everest Fills Video Library with More Tools for the Basecamp by Everest AI-Powered Automated Marketing Platform


The Woodlands, Texas –– Everest, the outdoor gear industry’s first customer-centric, community-driven, multi-merchant marketplace has added several new videos highlighting the key features and benefits of their exclusive, Ai-driven marketing solution for Everest seller storefronts - Basecamp by Everest.

The new video additions focus on maximizing storefronts’ customer insights as well as utilization of the Basecamp by Everest Ai functionality. Video topics include Ai Predictions, Ai Box, Smart Pop-ups, Custom Audience, Customer Timeline and Customer Segmentation.

The Basecamp by Everest customer insight tools allow a storefront to track the individual customer’s buying journey, segment customers based on purchase frequency and create custom audiences based on price, time, reviews given and other key parameters. The Ai functionality tools give sellers the power to engage customers and drive more revenue through predicative analytics such as time, date and location of purchases.

“We’re proud to offer this robust marketing platform that allows Everest storefronts to become truly engaged with their customers,” says Kristi Heuring, Chief Marketing Officer of Everest. “In today’s climate, it’s more important than ever for retailers and manufacturers to understand their customers and to be able to predict their customers’ behavior.”

Everest will continue to develop more videos for their Basecamp by Everest Knowledge Center including step-by-step tutorials that will easily walk sellers through the process of implementing each marketing tool for their storefront.

About Everest

Driven by our Caliber Members, the Everest mission is to create the leading marketplace for the shooting sports, hunting, fishing and outdoor worlds – a place where retailers can sell firearms, fishing gear, camping gear, outdoor products and other related consumer items. The Everest marketplace represents a place where like-minded consumers can learn, interact, participate and shop. At our core, we are a community of like-minded, non-discriminating, conservation-loving outdoor living retailers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

For more information on Basecamp by Everest or to open a storefront, visit the website at www.everest.com/storefront, watch the Basecamp by Everest Videos or contact:

Kristi Heuring

Chief Marketing Officer