Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Outdoor Life Bow Review Praises Elite EnVision + VUNI Camo Available For A Limited Time

The recent 22' Outdoor Life Bow Review which was written by Scott Einsmann along with a panel of testers, had the following to say about the Elite EnVision:

“Testers commented that the bow felt lighter than the measured draw weight, and Robinson said it was by far the easiest bow to draw.”

“I really like the grip on the EnVision, and the other testers gave it top marks. It’s easy to consistently place your hand in the exact same position for each shot.”

“The Elite EnVision is a sweet-shooting bow that you can hold at full draw all day while waiting for the perfect shot opportunity.”

“On release there’s no handshock. At 11.8 m/s2, it had the least vibration of all the bows stress-tested.”

Order by May 1st to get the NEW Elite EnVision exclusively in VUNI Camo at no additional charge.

VUNI Gear is created to keep hunters hidden in plain sight. How hunters see the terrain is not how the query we hunt sees it. VUNI Gear is built with the ultimate concealment in mind so hunters don’t have to worry about what they wear and can focus on the goal.

Learn more about the Elite EnVision here.