Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Hit the Apex of Hunting with Ravin’s X Factor

Ravin Crossbows Introduces Three New Crossbows with Silent Cocking

SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN— Ravin Crossbows is adding some X Factor to three brand new 2022 bows—and that means they’re coming with the highly sought after fully- integrated silent cocking. It’s Ravin’s latest upgrade to these already popular, powerful, cutting-edge crossbows.

First out of the gate is the R26X, which is available and shipping now. The R26X takes the compact R26 platform with HeliCoil Technology and adds the highly desired silent cocking feature to give you a whisper quiet draw every single time. The blazing speed and slim frame that makes this bow such a killer stay the same, but the color is new—all black.

Next up, the new R10X spices up the best-selling Ravin R10, adding 20 FPS of speed to amp it up to a wicked 420 FPS. The newly designed stock includes an adjustable cheek pad and butt stock, and along with the addition of integrated silent cocking, hunters now have more advantage when targets draw near. The R10X is expected in Spring 2022 and will also come in all black.

The final X Factor crossbow, the R5X, features a newly designed stock with an adjustable cheek pad and butt stock and combines that with the front end of an R26, melding the standard and bullpup styles. The result is a tactical, all black crossbow that shoots 400 FPS—with fully integrated silent cocking—measuring 31” long utilizing a conventional stock and 5.75” axle-to-axle when fully cocked.

About Ravin Crossbows

Headquartered in Superior, WI, Ravin Crossbows is a leading designer, manufacturer, and innovator of crossbows and accessories. Ravin primarily focuses on the higher-end segment of the crossbow market and has developed significant intellectual property related to the advancement of crossbow technology, quickly establishing a reputation as a manufacturer of the industry’s most dependable, durable, accurate and technologically advanced line of crossbow. For more information visit ravincrossbows.com

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Velocity Outdoor is a leader in the outdoor sporting goods market, featuring a diverse product lineup with Crosman and Benjamin airguns, Ravin Crossbows, CenterPoint Archery and Optics, LaserMax laser aiming devices, and GameFace Blasters and airsoft. Velocity Outdoor is a subsidiary of Compass Group Diversified Holdings, LLC (NYSE: CODI)