Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Pope and Young Appoints Providence Marketing Group

Pepin, WI. Providence Marketing Group is pleased to announce that America’s leading bowhunting organization, the Pope and Young Club has named PMG as their marketing agency of record. Jeff Bergmann and his team at Providence will be responsible for several facets of marketing, but their primary focus will be the on the rebrand of P&Y, and the expansion of their vision and mission in the archery world.

Founded over 60 years ago, Pope and Young began as a records-keeping organization designed to honor the animals harvested and the hunters who pursued them. This mission has grown and expanded as Pope and Young has become the leading voice for archers and defenders of the sport of bowhunting.

With assistance from Providence Marketing, Pope and Young has created a new mission that is built on the “3 Pillars”. Preserving, Promoting, and Protecting the sport of bowhunting for all generations will be what drives the organization and clearly articulates the responsibility that the club has to this passionate group of hunters. The 3 Pillars encompass the preservation of the history and heritage of bowhunting, the promotion of the sport to new hunters, and the onus to protect bowhunting from anti-hunters and others that threaten the future of the sport.

“As an agency with clients predominantly from the hunting and archery industries, having the opportunity to work with the Pope and Young Club is very meaningful for our team,” stated Jeff Bergmann, President of Providence Marketing Group. “Both professionally and personally, we have a great interest in the future and wellness of bowhunting. We’re proud to assist Pope and Young with the development and execution of a vision that ultimately strengthen the future of hunting.”

In conjunction with a renewed mission, Providence was tasked to lead Pope and Young’s rebranding effort, a project that has resulted in a new logo, website, and several other aspects that define the club and what the brand stands for. This is yet another step in the process for Pope and Young to strengthen and advance their role in bowhunting.

“This is a very important time for Pope and Young,” stated Executive Director Jason Rounsaville. “With Providence’s help, the club is poised to solidify our position and influence and to play a significant role in the preservation, promotion, and protection of bowhunting.”

The Pope and Young Club is North America's leading bowhunting and conservation organization.

Even if you never had the fortune of shooting a record book animal, or have never registered an animal, if you are a fair chase, ethical bowhunter and you care about preserving the culture of bowhunting - you belong to the Pope & Young Club. A submission into the record books is not required. However, a passion for bowhunting is. A passion for protecting our sport, a passion for preserving our heritage and passing it on to the next generation is all we require for membership. Become a member and


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