Tuesday, February 6, 2018

FireDisc® Cookers Offers Complete Line of 2018 Products

January, 2018… FireDisc® Cookers, the portable propane cooker that’s built to haul with unlimited cooking options, announces their full line of rugged cookers and accessories.

The FireDisc® team relentlessly pursues the outdoor lifestyle – from hunting and fishing to tailgating and entertaining.  For a portable cooker to be used in so many different environments, it had to be built with durable, high quality materials.  Made from High Carbon Stainless Steel; the FireDisc® is available in either tall (36”) or short (24”), in red or black and with deep or shallow pans. The three-piece design is made to be assembled and taken down in seconds – no nuts and bolts to mess with! 

Portability and ease of use makes the FireDisc® ideal for outdoors enthusiasts.  It cooks almost anything, seasons better than a cast iron skillet and is easy to clean with only water. It is easy to operate and can cook multiple foods at one time on its extra-large cooking surface.

A great cooking vessel is nothing without complementary accessories to help tackle the workload.  With the combination of the Ultimate Cooking Weapon™ and Ultimate Frying Weapon™, no morsel of food will remain unturned.  These oversized tools are 20 inches long, saving your back from overextending and also come fully equipped with a bottle opener that doubles as a hanger hook.  Both are perfectly contoured to the cooking surface of the FireDisc®.  The Ultimate Frying Weapon™ has elongated drain holes that strain oil faster than traditional frying utensils. 

The bane of outdoor cooking is mother nature, the FireDisc® engineers have produced their Wind Helmet to combat this ever-prevailing force.  The Wind Helmet keeps those 30,000 BTU’s endlessly heating up the cooking surface, ensuring maximum heat transfer in the harshest weather.

For those who have already purchased a FireDisc®, take care of it with the FireDisc® Fireman Red Cover or 6-Foot Tie-Down Cable Lock.  The Bamboo Cutting Board features tough bamboo that takes a beating, is antimicrobial and is gentle on blades.  The Bamboo Cutting Board comes standard with a built-in knife sharpener to keep fileting all afternoon and has recessed channels to prevent liquids from escaping the board.  Rubber feet have been added to provide stability and also allow air circulation while drying, preventing warping.

FireDisc® also offers a 4-Foot Conversion Adapter LP Hose for those large gatherings when cooking all weekend long.  Other accessories and replacement parts include – FirePower™ and Replacement Orifices, Powder Coated Replacement Burner and Propane Gas LP Regulator.

For more information on all FireDisc® products please visit: https://www.firedisccookers.com/products/ 

About FireDisc® Cookers:

Texas-based FireDisc® Cookers specializes in the design and manufacturing of the world’s most the innovative, high-quality and versatile, portable outdoor cookers and accessories. The company was founded by two entrepreneurial brothers, Griff and Hunter Jaggard, who, armed with a makeshift tractor plow disc, set out on a mission to build a cooker worthy of everyone from the world’s top chefs to hunters, fishermen, backyard family grill masters, tailgaters and campers. FireDisc® Cooker products are currently sold nationally and online throughout the globe. 

Heavy-duty, ultra-high carbon steel construction renders the cookers indestructible, while meticulous design yields convenient portability and ease-of-use. A rigorous Chef-Tested/Chef-Approved quality assurance program enables the cookers to deliver unmatched cooking characteristics, as vetted by some of the world’s leading chef’s. Prior to their launch of FireDisc® Cookers, the founders formed a non-profit to raise money and find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. To date $1M has been raised via The Carney Men Bike MS team. For more information, visit http://www.firedisccookers.com.



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