Tuesday, September 20, 2022

APEX Outdoor Rewards Partners with Whitetail Frenzy TV

Whitetail Frenzy Named as an Elite Partner for the Upcoming Whitetail and Turkey Challenges

September 20th, 2022- APEX Outdoor Rewards is pleased to announce their continued partnership with Whitetail Frenzy, slated for the fall of 2022 and spring of 2023. As part of the partnership, Whitetail Frenzy will help spread the word regarding the APEX Outdoor Rewards program and its vast benefits to their dedicated audience.

Based in West Virginia, Kenny Davis and Aharon Davis have led Whitetail Frenzy to several successful years of airing outdoor television on national networks. Currently on the Pursuit Channel, Whitetail Frenzy chases deer, turkeys and much more across the nation, with a core influence in the Appalachian States region.

The Whitetail Frenzy crew supported the APEX Outdoor Rewards program in 2021 as well, proving themselves to be a valuable asset in promoting the numerous opportunities and benefits available to APEX participants. As an Elite Partner, Whitetail Frenzy will again be a vital part of both the fall 2022 Whitetail Challenge and the spring 2023 Turkey Challenge. In addition to promoting the Whitetail Challenge, Whitetail Frenzy will also be participating in the Inaugural Elite Challenge. The elite challenge brings together many well known hunters and supporting brands to face off in a nationwide Challenge benefiting conservation and providing Whitetail Frenzy the opportunity to be crowned the APEX “King of Conservation.”

APEX is eager to dive into another season with the start of this year’s Whitetail Challenge. Several participating states across the country are beginning to fill with registrants, creating a buzz that this will certainly be one of strongest seasons yet. With partners like Whitetail Frenzy, APEX hopes to provide passionate hunters with opportunities that have never been seen before in the industry.

If you’re interested in participating in a 2022 Whitetail Challenge or the 2023 Turkey Challenges, visit https://apexoutdoorrewards.com/ for more details. APEX is striving to make more and more states available this season, so be ready to REWARD YOUR PASSION with APEX!

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About APEX Outdoor Rewards:

APEX is founded on the challenge of fair chase pursuit and an overall passion for hunting. We’re bringing technology and the desire to hunt together to provide all hunters with a platform that rewards their skills. Each year, APEX will offer deer and turkey challenges on a per state basis. Apex hunters give themselves a chance to win big and contribute to local conservation! Bring APEX on your next hunting adventure. Reward Your Passion.