Tuesday, June 2, 2020

New Competition Series Beaver & Trash Panda Raccoon 3D Targets by Rinehart Targets

Realistic and Versatile, These Smaller Animals Will Help Archers Hone Their Skills

Janesville, WI — Rinehart Targets®, the worldwide leader in quality archery targets, is proud to introduce two new additions to its popular 3D Competition Series that are sure to add some fun to your practice sessions, the new Beaver and Trash Panda Raccoon targets. Incorporating impressive sculpted details and natural action poses; these two new targets will become fan favorites.

“Shooters who enjoy staging realistic shooting scenarios with their targets are really going to enjoy the new Beaver and Trash Panda Raccoon,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “Not only are they fun and incredibly lifelike, both targets are molded from Rinehart’s Signature self-healing foam which means they can easily take a beating from your toughest shots,” he added.

We all need smaller targets in our arsenal. Taking long shots at smaller targets will teach you to aim small, and miss small. The new Beaver Target is a realistic new option in the Competition Series that’ll help archers do just that. It’s 18 inches tall and 21 inches in length, with a simulated weight of 20 pounds. In addition to exceptional airbrushed detailing, the Beaver is sculpted as if in its natural habitat with a small log in its grasp, further adding to the animal’s realism.

With a height of 13 inches, a length of 19 inches and a simulated weight of 20 pounds, the new Trash Panda Raccoon 3D Target will be your new favorite practice partner to add to any range. It too is crafted with incredible realism and a brand new sculpted pose unlike any other target. The new Trash Panda has the ability to be secured to any trash can cover (or similar surface), with a solid grip that’ll hold tight even after being struck with the fastest arrows.

Both animals are molded from Rinehart’s all-weather and UV-resistant Signature Series foam which means they can withstand countless shots from both field points and broadheads without ripping or tearing. This high density, self-healing foam construction also allows for simple and quick arrow removal, a trademark feature for all Rinehart Targets. Both targets also incorporate scoring rings to help shooters evaluate placement.

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