Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Women’s World Record falls to MonsterMeal on Canadian Whitetail TV

Tune in to Canadian Whitetail TV on Pursuit Channel this week and see the largest Non-Typical Archery deer ever killed and recorded by a female with a bow. Canadian Whitetail airs Mondays at 11:00AM & 8:00PM, Fridays at 1:00PM and Sundays at 1:00am (Air times EST) on Pursuit Channel. You can also view all of their content digitally on Carbon TV and the Canadian Whitetail YouTube channel.

“Deer this big do not happen very often” said Blake Davis from MonsterMeal. “When Dean sent us the first teaser pics, we knew it was a special deer. When he let us in on the details, we were extremely optimistic about how his season was going to play out. Dean Partridge and Kassandra Agarand had the literal experience of a lifetime with a 240 plus inch whitetail. MonsterMeal is a great example of how good nutrition and attraction do not have to be mutually exclusive. Dean understood what we were trying to do with the whole line of MonsterMeal products and he used them the same way he had used other products in the past. Dean is probably the foremost expert on the deer he hunts and how to get his clients on those deer. We are blessed to have Dean and his crew tell our story through is show. It is the most entertaining series on whitetails for one reason, Dean educates his viewers while telling compelling, engaging stories. We owe him a BIG Thank You and a HUGE congratulations to Kassandra. Great job and a better story.”

About Canadian Whitetail

Raised on his family farm near Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Dean Partridge learning about hunting whitetail deer at a very young age. This turned from a pastime to a lifestyle. Becoming involved in the outdoor industry, Dean noticed that there was no dedicated Canadian Whitetail programs, even though Canada holds some of the best whitetail hunting destinations. The birth of Canadian Whitetail Television happened with the help of a crew of experienced whitetail hunters. The goal was to bring viewers exciting over the shoulder trophy Whitetail action. Dean produced the first 100% archery Whitetail Video to come from Canada, Full Draw Whitetails.

About MonsterMeal®

MonsterMeal® wildlife feed and attractants is dedicated to animal nutrition. MonsterMeal® provides the best results for your herd and your hunt by leveraging 75 years of experience in formulating high quality animal feed. When you’re ready to experience animal attraction, premium nutrition, and superior results, insist on MonsterMeal®. Animal Attraction. Premium Nutrition. Superior Results.