Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Black Eagle Arrows Unveils the New Revelation 3:20 Micro-Diameter Arrow

Canton, GA - For years our mission at Black Eagle Arrows has been to create arrows that not only outperformed the competition, but outperformed our own existing arrows. After years of research, designing, development, and testing we believe we have done just that. Introducing the Revelation 3:20 from Black Eagle Arrows.

The Revelation is a 100% carbon .125” inner diameter micro arrow that is designed for superior long-range match grade accuracy—even in windy conditions.

Black Eagle Arrow President, Randy Kitts on the Revelation 3:20:

“It isn’t easy to top an outstanding product like the X-Impact arrow” said Randy Kitts, President of Black Eagle Arrows, “that shaft has won so many championship titles including the current World Archery Championship, but we try to push ourselves at Black Eagle to always do better. We set out to develop a shaft that would excel in wide open terrain and windy conditions. We accomplished that with the Revelation and to ensure its performance, each dozen is straightness sorted to .001”, weight sorted, and spine sorted. We believe the Revelation will soon prove itself as the most accurate arrow on the market.”

Black Eagle Professional Shooter Dan McCarthy on the Revelation 3:20:

“If people are willing to give this new arrow a try, I believe they’re going to experience a level of accuracy that they’ve never experienced before, and they’re going to have a hard time shooting anything else ever again,” says McCarthy. “The Revelation 3:20 is not only one of the most consistent shafts I have ever tested, but even in windy condition there is very little wind drift due to the heavy weight of the shaft and it’s ultra-small diameter. The result is consistent accuracy, even when the conditions are tough.”

Black Eagle Arrows.


For more information please contact Blake Shelby at (318)366-5913 or blake@blackeaglearrows.com