Tuesday, April 9, 2024

G5’s New T2 Expandable 2-Blade Broadhead

The Latest G5 Expandable Broadhead in the Lineup

G5 Outdoors proudly unveils its latest innovation with the launch of the T2 2-blade Expandable Broadhead. Built in collaboration with John Dudley of Nock On Archery, the T2 Broadhead sets a new standard in toughness, power, and reliability.

Designed to hunt, the T2 broadhead boasts a range of features that elevate it above the competition. Engineered for toughness, the bomb-proof barbless T2 is built to endure bone-crushing impacts without faltering, ensuring multiple uses with no compromise in retention capability.

The key features of the T2 Broadhead include:

Zip-Tip™ Design: The innovative Zip-Tip™ design enhances arrow tracking and minimizes deflection upon entry and through bone, leading to improved penetration and accuracy.

Socket Lock™ Retention System: Utilizing G5’s signature ball and socket retention system, the all-steel T2 locks securely into place, eliminating any rattle or pre-deployment.

2” Cutting Diameter: Equipped with two ultra-strong blades machined from solid steel, the T2 offers an impressive 2” cutting diameter, ensuring ultimate penetration and devastation.

2 Strong Blades: Engineered for durability, the T2's superior blade material and design withstand even the hardest impacts. Through rigorous testing, we’ve found it stands up to multiple uses across multiple hunts.

100% Steel Construction: Machined from 100% steel, making it one of the toughest 2-blade expandable broadheads on the market.

Less Overhang: With rearward-opening steel blades designed for optimal cutting upon impact and reduced overhang, the T2 outperforms most "Over the Top" expandable broadheads, delivering superior penetration and durability.

"We are thrilled to introduce the T2 broadhead," said Matt Grace, CEO for G5 Outdoors. "With improved and unparalleled performance, the T2 sets a new standard for 2-blade expandable broadheads, providing hunters with the toughest, big cut broadhead they can trust."

The T2 broadhead from G5 Outdoors is ‘designed to hunt’ and now available for purchase. For more information, visit g5outdoors.com or contact your local G5 Outdoors dealer.

G5 Outdoors L.L.C. is a family-owned business established in 2000 and backed by more than 50 years of precision manufacturing experience. G5 strives to provide superior products that are Designed to Hunt™ through precision manufacturing and innovative design.