Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Three Of Outdoor Product Innovations Signature Brands To Be Featured In Newest Partnership With Dropzone TV

Elyria, Ohio – Outdoor Product Innovations is proud to announce its newest partnership with Dropzone TV and hosts Hal Shaffer and Greg Zipadelli.

The partnership between Outdoor Product Innovations and Dropzone TV, which can be seen exclusively on the Outdoor Channel – America’s Leader in outdoor TV, will feature three of OPI’s signature brands; Rhino Blinds, Capsule Feeders, and Wicked Tree Gear. While traveling the country in search of trophy big game, Shaffer and Zipadelli will be exclusively be using OPI’s top products in the outdoor industry,

“Dropzone TV is a prime example of what outdoor television should be and we are very excited to team up with Greg and Hal,” said Danny Reaser, Vice President of OPI Inc.

On-screen, Team DZ features breathtaking footage shot in high definition by the experienced DZ production team. In each episode Greg, Hal and crew bring to the viewer true life adventures that bring you the best of North American hunting and outdoor entertainment.

“Zippy and I are ecstatic to announce our new partnership with Rhino Blinds, Capsule Feeders and Wicked Tree Gear,” said Hal Shaffer, Co-Host Dropzone TV. “Our deer will never go hungry but our raccoons will. We will never have another Blindspot sitting in a blind and we will never have another limb blocking a shot from our stand. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?!”

About Outdoor Product Innovations

Here at Outdoor Product Innovations, we pride ourselves in making top quality, premium products for hunting, fishing and outdoor industries. Innovative design and durability are two key components in each and every one of our product lines. From game feeders to ground blinds, tent stakes to tree stands, we have it all. Quality products combined with top-notch customer service has been, and always will be, our recipe for success. We here at OPI are ready to make your outdoor experience safer, more enjoyable, and more successful.





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