Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Swhacker 150-Grain Expandable for '17

Covington, GA – Who says bigger isn't better? For 2017, Arrow Dynamics, dba Swhacker, extends their unbeatable line of two-blade aluminum expandable broadheads to include a NEW heavy-hitting 150-grain monster, with an incredible 3-inch cutting diameter!

Whether you favor a heavier arrow and broadhead combination for more stable long range shooting, you are an avid crossbow hunter, or you are simply a whitetail hunter that likes devastatingly large holes, the NEW 150-grain aluminum expandable from Swhacker is the answer! First, the wing blades' single bevel grind delivers greater flight stability and sharpness. Then, on impact, the wing blades slice open the hide and explode through the first set of ribs, allowing the razor sharp main blades to expand once inside the body cavity, tearing through vital organs and, ultimately, creating a monstrous exit wound. The simplicity of Swhacker's two-blade design provides twice the slice, while the kinetic energy of the 150-grain head delivers the knock-out punch.

"We realized many Swhacker customers were using our 100 or 125-grain heads and adding weight to the front end in an effort to stabilize arrow flight on longer range shooting, particularly on western big game hunts," said Rick Forest, co-owner and designer of Swhacker broadheads. "The 150-grain is a natural addition to the aluminum two-blade line up and provides the stability hunters need, as well as, a massive cutting diameter for incredible blood trails and fast recoveries."

Swhacker's new two-blade 150-grain expandable broadheads will be available in both compound and crossbow models for 2017.

To learn more about the NEW 2-blade 150-grain expandable broadheads stop by the Swhacker booth during the 2017 ATA Show, in Indianapolis, January 10th-12th.

About Arrow Dynamics LLC, dba Swhacker: Based in Covington, Ga, the Swhacker brand is the industry leader in both 2-blade and 3-blade expandable broadheads for today's high performance compound bows and crossbows. For more information, visit http://www.swhacker.com or join the conversation on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/swhackerbroadheads/