Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Combat Veteran Broadhead from VIP

When it comes to producing the highest quality products, experts know to trust only American made materials. That’s why Veteran Innovative Products designs, engineers, and manufacturers every element of their premium broadheads domestically right here in the United States.

The Combat Veteran broadhead ends the debate between fixed blades and mechanical design broadheads. With the Combat Veteran, VIP has created a hybrid category thanks to Momentum Management Technology. With this design, VIP has eliminated the limitations commonly experienced by both fixed and mechanical broadhead users. They’ve done so by combining all the critical design elements that make both previous platforms successful. The resulting combination is as accurate as it is lethal. The Combat Veteran is a flawlessly performing 4-blade broadhead. Thanks to VIP’s innovative Momentum Management Technology, the Combat Veteran broadhead features a heart stopping 1.25” x 2” cutting width for unmatched

straight line pass through performance. Since entering the market, VIP broadheads have been giving hunters higher levels of confidence and shorter blood trails in the field with every shot. Send the red, white, and blue into battle yourself and experience why VIP is giving hunters the highest recovery rates in the industry.

About Veteran Innovative Products

Veteran Innovative Products produces some of the highest quality hunting products in their categories, including surgical grade broadheads and the wildly effective HogLog Boar Feeder. Every component on VIP Broadheads is sourced and manufactured right here in the USA. VIP Broadheads are the first and only scalpel sharp broadheads featuring a patented variable cutting width suspension. They are also the only broadhead available featuring Momentum Management Technology ensuring the maximum penetration your hunting arrows are capable of. Founded and operated by American military veterans, VIP is committed to producing top quality hunting equipment and developing all of their products at home in the United States.

Veteran Innovative Products - Proudly Made In America. www.veteranip.com

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