Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Doolittle Trailer Supports Conservation Efforts with QUWF as a National Sponsor

Buffalo, MO: “When you can hit a home run and find a group of products that is a critical necessity in wildlife habitat work, farming, ranching or just enjoying the outdoor with all types of equipment and supplies that are made in the U.S.A and whose owners hunt and fish, conservation wins, that is what Doolittle trailer is to QUWF” Craig Alderman of QUWF states.

“We have several Doolittle trailers at QUWF we have purchased and they are second to none in quality and features, exceptionally easy to pull using the latest in manufacturing technology and backed by a company you can trust, Doolittle Trailer. Whether you haul ATVs and UTVs, supplies, or haul rock and limestone to install culverts, Doolittle has a model and size to fit your needs. Large or small, they make trailers, that is their business and they strive to maintain the leading edge for the highest quality, fair costs and customizations limited only by your imagination” Craig emphasizes.

“Building quality trailers that exceed our customer’s expectations is our passion, it is an honor to maintain our reputation as not only the oldest, family owned, high volume utility and equipment trailer manufacturer in the US, but also as the company constantly pushing to make our products the best they can be for our customers. ” states Kyle Caraway, Director of Marketing for Doolittle. “When QUWF asked, for example, to have internal lighting on their banquet trailer for easy loading and unloading at night and external side light bars for evening events, in less than an hour, project complete and it looks and performs great. We love it when customers challenge us to think out of the box with new designs from food trailers to equipment haulers, it is what we do” Kyle concludes. Supporting wildlife conservation and clean streams is a must for us, we live to play outdoors and will do our part to help QUWF. The full line of trailers can be reviewed at www.doolittletrailers.com, just mention QUWF when you call in for a quote.

“Working with Doolittle, they have every kind of trailer and accessory our landowners and sportsman may need. From ATV /UTV hauling, snowmobiles, larger tractor hauling trailers, enclosed trailers, flatbeds, and a full line of dump trailers that can be hooked to tractors to get rock and limestone back to culvert installations and remote road repair” says Nick Prough Chief Wildlife Biologist.

About QUWF:

The Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation (QUWF), is the only Veteran founded and managed national conservation organization in the U.S., and the only multi-specie and clean stream national organization including youth fishing teams, based in Missouri. QUWF turns-the-dirt locally and nationally with chapters that manage and control their own funds. To join QUWF, get involved or open a chapter locally for upland wildlife and habitat restoration/ clean streams or the new youth fishing teams, visit our web site at www.quwf.net or email ADMIN@quwf.net.

“Preserve the Land and Clean Streams….Build the Habitat….Hunt and Fish for Generations” with QUWF