Tuesday, August 20, 2019

New Midwest Whitetail Shows Available Now on Realtree 365

Columbus, GA: New 2019 Midwest Whitetail shows are available now for free on the Realtree 365 app and at 365.Realtree.com. Watch Midwest Whitetail founder Bill Winke and his team on the weekly main show, as well as weekly and daily shows from other hosts and regions. Midwest Whitetail was the first “nearly-live” hunting show on the internet, and it’s still the goal to allow viewers to watch hunts in as close to real time as possible.

“Shooting hunting shows for the web made my work fun again,” said Winke. “When shooting for TV, we were forced to put out 22 minutes of content every week. Now we have shows that are only as long as they need to be. Plus, it is so much fun to watch yesterday’s hunts rather than last year’s hunts. Shooting this way is great for us as producers and for our viewers. And with nearly 200 pro staff out in the field all year round, we give our viewers insight into what is happening on the ground, with the weather, and with all other factors right when they want to be in the field as well – and in many cases, right in their own backyard.”

To watch Midwest Whitetail, simply download the Realtree 365 app to your smartphone or tablet. Then you can stream a growing list of original Realtree Digital content to your device. Or you can watch it all on your television through the Realtree 365 channel on Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV, and Amazon FireTV. You can also watch all this original content on your computer at 365.Realtree.com. Be sure and check back regularly for new content, or register and we will send you new show reminders.

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