Tuesday, November 5, 2019

This Week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav: Full Throttle Outdoors

Full Throttle Outdoors
From eating delicious, exotic wild game to hunting whitetails and brown bears, plus the latest trends in firearms and shooting, The Revolution with Jim and Trav this week is going Full Throttle Outdoors! Joining Jim and Trav will be Scott Leysath, host of “Dead Meat”, Curt Wells, Editor of Bowhunter Magazine and host of “Bowhunter TV”, plus Eric Poole, Editor of Guns & Ammo and co-host of “Guns Ammo TV”. The Revolution is presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV!

Feasting on “Dead Meat” with Scott Leysath the Sporting Chef

It’s time to open your mind to new experiences and your taste buds to new cuisine. Scott Leysath, The Sporting Chef, is a wild game wizard and can make any of your fish and wild game catches or kills taste delicious. But what about those marginal or exotic animals? Is there a place on the table for opossum, rattlesnake, stingray, lionfish and more? Of course! Scott joins The Revolution this week to talk about season 2 of “Dead Meat” on Sportsman Channel which chronicles his travels to meet the special people all over the country that cook the most wild and weird animals out there.

The Ultimate Archery Experience: Alaskan Brown Bear & Midwest Whitetails with Curt Wells

Brown bear hunting may be the ultimate test of an archery hunter. The stakes are high and a brown bear’s excellent nose and hearing makes it very challenging to close the distance and infiltrate the 25-yard barrier around them. Part of the allure of brown bear hunting is the potential danger of being in close proximity to such a powerful predator. Curt Wells, Editor of Bowhunter Magazine and host of “Bowhunter TV” on Sportsman Channel, recently returned from an Alaskan brown bear hunt, his third in as many years and he joins The Revolution with Jim & Trav to discuss his experience.

A Preview of The 2019 Guns & Ammo of the Year Award Winners with Eric Rice

There have been a lot of great innovations and new products this year in the world of firearms, ammunition and shooting. Which products are the best of the best though? Guns & Ammo does a deep dive every year to determine the answer to that question and we’re getting an exclusive look at their findings this week on The Revolution! Listen in as Eric Poole, Editor of Guns & Ammo and co-host of “Guns Ammo” on Sportsman Channel, joins the show to preview the 2019 Guns & Ammo of the Year Award winners. Take a look and listen!

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