Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Active-Branch Mock Scrape Kit

Wildlife Research Center® introduces the New Active-Branch™ Mock Scrape Kit. The Anywhere Mock Scrape Solution™. Scrape hunting is one of the most effective ways to hunt trophy bucks. Mock Scrapes are an effective tool, but sometimes it is hard to find the right tree in a good location at your favorite hunting spot.

The Active-Branch™ Mock Scrape Kit solves this problem and allows you to create an attractive mock scrape and interaction branch set up with the perfect presentation, exactly where you want it.

You can easily set up Active-Branch™ on a tree or wooden post in the perfect location for the perfect shot. If there is not a convenient place to mount it to, you can even set it up on your own post, right where you want it. Perfect for making mock scrapes in fields, by mature trees, or just about any spot at your favorite hunting location.

The innovative patent pending branch holder allows you to easily mount two branches at the same time.

An interaction branch at the perfect height for the perfect presentation and a second higher branch to mount your Magnum Scrape-Dripper® above.

The Magnum Scrape-Dripper® drips daytime only to help condition bucks to visit during daytime hunting hours. The Active-Branch™ Mock Scrape Kit provides the tools you need to Attract, Pattern, and Condition bucks to visit during daytime hunting hours.

Kit Includes Branch Holder, Mounting Strap, Magnum Scrape-Dripper®, and 4 FL OZ Golden Scrape® Scent

MSRP for the New Active-Branch™ Mock Scrape Kit is $47.99

Wildlife Research Center® is known for its innovative products in Scents and Scent Elimination. This is Wildlife’s 40th Anniversary; it’s their extreme passion and superior quality that has propelled them to be the leader in the category. “Helping Hunters Fill Tags for 40 Years!”

The products are 100% Money-Back Guaranteed – direct by Wildlife Research Center®.

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