Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Simon Swart Joins Production Team for The Harvest

Former Executive Vice President and General Manager of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to co-produce The Harvest

Denver, CO –Harvest Home Films LLC has teamed with multiple extremely accomplished producers to create a film that delivers a strong and proper message about hunting and the outdoors. One of these producers is Simon Swart, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Simon has managed the development and release of hundreds of programs, generating over 3 billion dollars in annual sales with over 200 new releases a year. He managed the distribution and marketing for Twentieth Century Fox Film & Television in addition to MGM, Relativity, and DreamWorks Animation. Including the management of many major franchises such as Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars, Ice Age, Alvin and the Chipmunks, James Bond, Die Hard, Aliens, the X-Men and many more.

In addition to launching worldwide franchises, Swart recognized an underserved market and launched Fox Faith in 2002, the first ever big studio division dedicated to serving the faith-based audience which generated more than 700 million dollars in revenue. He selected and secured rights to multiple successful properties such as Passion of The Christ, Strawberry Shortcake, Love Comes Softly, Ultimate Gift, and The Bible. He also developed and greenlighted several successful sequels such as Behind Enemy Lines, Wrong Turn, Dr. Dolittle and The Marine.

He has championed and created new markets within the realms of entertainment and digital media delivery channels during his tenure at Fox, Disney and Warner Brothers in a career spanning more than two decades. His experience and expertise will be instrumental in the success of The Harvest.

“The Harvest has a powerful message, a powerful story, and a compelling argument to make” Stated Swart. “I am looking forward to bringing this critical message to millions of viewers across the nation.”

If you are interested in learning more about the project and how you can donate, visit www.theharvestmovie.com or contact us at theharvestmovie1@gmail.com. The project seeks to unite our industry and illustrate the power of the outdoors when united, to advance this project and any other pro-industry initiative’s that will arise in the future.

About The Harvest Movie:

The Harvest is a film with contemporary characters addressing relevant Christian themes through a celebration of the outdoor lifestyle. Join us as we strive to be stewards of the land and water and respect our resources while enriching lives through our faith. Learn more about The Harvest at www.theharvestmovie.com